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Year growth of 4.4 billion U.S. dollars of wealth
发布者:admin  日期:2011/4/7 16:56:44  点击:3085

China A-share market last year, suffering from the policy face problems, the index volatility, however, a man of wealth, rising to buck the trend, that is, Sany Heavy Industry's Liang Wengen。 Last year, Hurricane Sany stock all the way to buck the trend, or more than 100%, and Liang Wengen wealth has gone up, net worth rose 4。4 billion, an increase of 122%, second only to Robin Li, Baidu's (net assets of 9。4 billion U。S。 dollars, annual increase of 166%。) Currently, Liang Wengen is also the capital of China A share market, the highest market value individual shareholder。

Liang Wengen was born in Hunan in 1956, a mountain village Loudi region。 In 1986, the 30-year-old Liang Wengen began to seek entrepreneurial path, and friends Tangxiu Guo and hair Wu, Yuan Jinhua together, special welding materials started to set up a welding plant Lianyuan Mao Tong。 In 1993, the plant changed its name to "Trinity Group。" After 18 years, this year's regional private enterprises in China has not only become a leader in heavy industry manufacturing, while Liang Wengen, founder of the Chinese private entrepreneurs also became a representative figure。 As we all know, the Group of the core team's success is inseparable from the common 18 years hard work, the main difference with other private enterprises, Liang Wengen not Jinjinzuanzhao option, he knows how to business results and the "hero" to share, to share to bring more revenue for the company's personnel, recruitment of "Magi", which is the core of this company all these years to grow, companies have been the reasons for the expansion。 "Three Kingdom" is the cornerstone of many Chinese private enterprises are lacking。 Global rich list in 2011, hundreds of millions, the Group of addition Liang Wengen, the core team, Tangxiu Guo, Xiang Wenbo (blog), Maozhong Wu has also become China's new rich list。

Sany Heavy Industry in 2010 is a stunning development, according to the latest announcement of view, Sany Heavy Industry is expected to increase in 2010 net profit of more than 100%. In the past year, the "internationalization" of success for Sany keywords. October 2010, Sany Heavy Industry, as only a "Made in China" in Chile, mine rescue, crane also "suspended" from the Sany's international image. Trinity's international route to go a solid sound. The end of February this year, Sany Heavy Industry in the U.S. engineering company completed in Atlanta - Sany America, this is the second after India, the second leg of Sany Heavy Industry to enter the overseas market. And the next, Liang Wengen turn their attention to South America and Africa, Sany international map in full swing this. Liang Wengen to achieve "quality change the world" dream? We'll see.

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