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China, the United States as the world number one super-power construction
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In recent years, China has greatly enhanced the hot real estate construction industry in China's international status. Statistical data show that in 2010 investment in new construction project in China to over 1 trillion U.S. dollars, the real estate industry to promote the prosperity of China for the first time surpassed the U.S. as the world number one construction power.

British "Financial Times" reported that China's raw materials and labor costs along with the upgrading of 2010, China's soaring spending on construction projects. Meanwhile, the U.S. construction prices fell steadily during the recession, the U.S. construction projects last year was 983 billion U.S. dollars investment, lower than in 2005 to 1.5 trillion U.S. dollars.

British "Financial Times" pointed out that expenditure on housing construction last year, accounting for 57% of the total construction spending。 However, as the Chinese government tried to prevent the real estate bubble, the growth of China's housing construction during the next decade is expected to slow down。 The future growth drivers of China's construction industry is likely to come from the Government in the railway, road and power infrastructure and greater spending on new projects。

Some analysts have pointed out that China overtook Japan to become the world's second largest economy in the global construction industry at the same time won the title, highlights of a decade-long trend that the focus of the construction industry from the United States, Japan and Western Europe and other mature markets, steering China, India and a number of smaller emerging economies. Among them, leading to a greater extent.

A recent study reported that by 2020 China will account for one fifth of the global construction industry, higher than the current 14%。 The report is expected in the next decade, the global construction spending is expected to reach 97。7 trillion U。S。 dollars。 Although China will account for the bulk of them, but will also invest heavily in India, according to forecasts, India will surpass Japan as the world's third largest building power。

In fact, in India the growth in construction activities, has brought good to the domestic construction group, while the international cement and aggregates company has also invested heavily, and the increase in the degree of attention and India and other markets. Data shows that measured by output, respectively the largest and second largest Swiss cement maker Lafarge Hall Rahim and France, there are currently more than half of sales in China, India and some smaller developing economies to achieve The.

Meanwhile, the construction boom in China has greatly promoted the performance of construction equipment manufacturers. Industry data show that in 2009, the Chinese share of global construction machinery sales of nearly 43%, much higher than 18% in 2002. British "Financial Times" is expected, the three largest construction equipment manufacturer - XCMG, Zoomlion and Sany Heavy Industry (China's cranes, cement mixers and bulldozers are mostly produced by the three companies) profit in 2010 growth will be as high as 60% to 100%. The construction equipment manufacturer in China under the support of the continued prosperity of the construction industry, quickly becoming the global market competitors.

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