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Shanghai's first plug-in with a giant boom crane climbing system
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Lujiazui in Pudong, Shanghai Centre Building, the total height of 632 m design. Shanghai Construction Machine, Inc. for the construction of the main structure of the successful completion of the task, according to project the actual situation, the choice of the 3 sets imported into Australia M1280D Series 2450 t / m crane boom, and a homemade series of 2700 tons in 2700 l / m heavy-duty boom crane, lifting equipment as the main upper structure of the installation and use of plug-core tube for the construction of the program. This is a high-rise building construction field, for the first time in a limited space with more than one group of heavy-duty crane for tower construction, and the hundreds of plug-climbing core tube construction.

    Construction plan was finalized, Construction Machine, Inc. research team organized the "plug-climbing giant crane boom system" technical research, after six months of efforts, finally developed the ability to adapt to high-rise building construction needed to plug the giant tower crane climbing devices, and declared a national invention patent. The device supports vertical and horizontal support systems have greater strength and stiffness, can adapt to a giant crane in the construction process a variety of adverse conditions; its "support under the pull" system with greater security than traditional devices reserve able to produce a variety of crane loads the construction process securely delivered to the core tube node region, without the need to reinforce the core tube, not only to improve the work efficiency, and reduce the construction cost.

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