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Crane industry into the forefront of the world
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In the construction machinery industry sub-sectors - the global crane industry in the Top recent list of top ten enterprises in China accounted for four seats, including the country's largest construction machinery enterprises XCMG ranks third Zoomlion, three A group, ask dug Heavy breakdown fifth, seventh and tenth place. This result can not help it all themselves, the Chinese crane industry will play on the world stage more and more important role.

Just from the scale point of view, cranes account for a larger market share, therefore, the first echelon of the four enterprises, internally and externally to the more important, not only from the domestic market to face fierce competition from large-scale, To face competition in international business and technical, to some extent, overseas construction machinery market share is the decisive factor in future development of enterprises。

Overall growth in the crane market situation, companies have different focus. Crane market is still at this stage as the leading product to the direction of large-tonnage cranes for scientific research. By Xu workers, represented Trinity large enterprises have increased research efforts, to develop large-tonnage cranes, because large tonnage is technology oriented, there is no research capability no right to speak. Despite the large tonnage now been coded to achieve technological breakthroughs that have formed the direction of a trend, but many small and medium enterprises should also be a choice, clutching the scale of the medium and small tonnage market。
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