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Gantry crane national product quality inspection center of the official opening
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Emerald Lake like the second Quan Liu Yun Long, Hong Tao Li plum opening strike; greater odds Jingfeng Liu, and Ling good scenery, full of fragrance Wu hometown. Beautiful lakes, mountains Smart, nurture a bright pearl in the South - Wuxi.

    "Spring Bude Ze, all things bright students", covering about 2.3 hectares, with a total investment of 9,000 million yuan, construction area of ​​34,268 square meters of state and gantry crane Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (hereinafter referred to as the country from the center) in Jiangsu Province Court on the basis of special inspection, special inspection by the Institute of Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, Branch (hereinafter referred to as the Wuxi Branch) construction and will be formally inaugurated on March 26, from the center of the country bear the work of construction and operation of New Location in Wuxi branch also . With the lifting from Wuxi national public service platform technology industry, but also product quality inspection center of national special equipment located in the first-level city.

    Wuxi is the manufacture and use of special equipment-intensive regions, with the use of special equipment more than 19 million units, special equipment related to more than 660 manufacturers, including lifting nearly 200 manufacturers, special equipment manufacturing accounted for the national total of 1 / 6, the annual output value reached 400 billion yuan, and lifting more than 10% annual growth rate, Wuxi has formed crane manufacturing base. With the crane industry is developing rapidly, the demand is ever increasing, in order to better serve the industry to provide a full range of lifting services for industry, technological progress, improvement of product quality, healthy development of the industry to provide strong technical support, Wuxi Branch of the region with advantages and business, personnel, laboratory and other characteristics, January 9, 2008, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection Huishan Economic Development Zone in Wuxi to build from the center of the country, responsible for the implementation by the Wuxi branch. Wuxi municipal government have given it a high degree of attention and support, Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Party Secretary of Wuxi Yang also visit the country to play a central inspection tour.

    Since end of last year, the country passed from the center of the AQSIQ, China National Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment Organization Laboratory Accreditation (CNAS), Laboratory accreditation (Metrology Accreditation (CMA), review by the (CAL)) "c one "review, and score by the AQSIQ organized spot acceptance.

    The process of building from the center in the country, the Wuxi Branch to build "the leading domestic and international advanced," the National Center for the purpose of investment in equipment and facilities, introduction of talents training, scientific research and development, culture development of the key construction and improvement。

    Investment in equipment and facilities。 From the center of the mother as a country, Wuxi Wuxi branch is engaged in inspection and testing of special equipment and technical services to the statutory technical bodies and research institutions, has passed the national laboratories and inspection bodies accredited certification。 On this basis, the country acquired from the center of the total value of more than 2100 million in equipment, built a laboratory electric hoist, brake test room, laboratory components, security devices laboratory, laboratory mechanical properties, nondestructive testing laboratory, plasma Spectra laboratories and laboratory microwave digestion, metallographic analysis room, a large laboratory 9 Integrated Test Laboratory。 Laboratory hoist a number of projects which reached the leading domestic level, the brake performance test stand the test items and reached the international advanced level, the static torque of the hydraulic brake lever method, the brake hydraulic lifting platform installation and many other techniques to fill the gap 。 States, including from the center will provide a hoist type tests, the brake performance test, component and rupture properties of static load testing, safety protection device vibration / shock / electrical protective performance test, mechanical properties of metallic materials and other technical testing services。

    Talents training. Wuxi Branch has abundant human resources, in recent years, has from the Harbin Institute of Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Wuhan University of Technology, Dalian University of Technology and many other famous universities to introduce a number of materials, welding, lifting machinery, and other professional graduate highly educated professional and technical personnel. At present, Wuxi Branch with a staff of nearly 250 people, including doctoral / postdoctoral 4, Master of nearly 50 people; intermediate professional titles account for 50% of scientific and technical personnel; a senior examiner certificate 4, ASME examiner card two, the state reviewers card 24, the holder level, ratio, similar institutions in the country among the best. Vigorously the introduction of talent, Wuxi Branch pay more attention to personnel training. In 2010, the training of personnel out of 44 batches of trainees up to 175 people, conducted 16 training topics within the study, a total of 1275 people participated in training of personnel, invited the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Dr. Mai Zhuoming, Demag Cranes Mechanical Limited to Dr. Lei and several other well-known experts and scholars to communicate to the hospital, lectures. Training of personnel and reserves, play a central storage for the country move forward full force.

    Scientific research development. Batch after batch of qualified personnel to join, making Wuxi Branch has a solid scientific research strength, a strong impetus from the center of the country's technological development. In 2010, Wuxi Branch 10 research projects were reported, of which five research projects by the Jiangsu Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau of the project review, participate in the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection project "Comprehensive Detection of buried steel pipeline technology" through Identification of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, research projects, "safety brake system of Comprehensive Performance Test" and "type test bed for electric hoist" was included in the State Administration of Quality Supervision research projects. Wuxi Branch also participated in the GB/T3811-2008 "crane design specifications", TSGQ7015-2008 "Lifting periodic inspection rules", TSGQ7014-2008 "Lifting the safety protection device Type Test Rule" and other regulations of the drafting and validation work. August 20, 2009, Wuxi Branch and the world's top inspection agency Lloyd's Register signed a cooperation agreement, become the first test with the internationally renowned scientific and technological cooperation agencies test units for the domestic accumulation of inspection bodies with international standards experience. In 2010, Wuxi Branch of Zhejiang University jointly developed with the static test stand components, developed in cooperation with the Taiyuan University of Technology and the development of a "general overhead crane metal structure parameters of the evaluation software design validation," in cooperation with the Southern Yangtze University, a "stamping The mechanical properties of steel pipe flanges Analysis and Standardization. " These results accelerated the pace of combining production, scientific and technological achievements into productive forces to create a virtuous circle of space. During this period, the central enterprises in Wuxi Branch of the China Shipping Industry (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. 300-ton gantry crane for shipbuilding, stress testing, stress testing of their ability to walk in the forefront of the domestic counterparts; has twice completed the national "863 Program" Support Project 7000 m manned submersible "dragon" was non-destructive testing, to fill the deep dive titanium weld ultrasonic inspection device blank; accept the U.S. Ford Motor Company commissioned its steel structure projects in automobile production line testing, as will inspection work to the international market has effectively attempt. A lesson, the country to develop scientific and technological innovation play a central special incentive system to encourage active participation of the technical backbone of the research activities.

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